What's this blog all about?

"Board games? You play board games?" I hear you say... yes, but not unlike any board games you've probably ever heard of. Monopoly? Cluedo? Guess Who? Battleships? No, not by a long shot. One day someone introduced me to a great little game called "Carcassonne" - named after a French medieval town of rambling streets, walls and sections - where the aim is to score the most points using little random squares of road, walls and cities.
I was hooked and so began my, then our - the Bradshaw Tribe, adventure into Euro- and Ameritrash- gaming...

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Well I never. Your mind wanders, things happen, events come and go and before you know it, it's 4 years later....

A lot has happened in 4 years...

The Tribe? Still here but older and doing different things...

Kavita is at University making computer games; Roshni is at college aiming for University and learning to drive and Maya is doing well in secondary school.

Anita and I have moved jobs but still ok.

As for games... many changes...

Monday nights I now participate in a weekly gaming get together with 4 other blokes in Horsham, Matt, Neil, Garry and Dale.
Thursdays I play Garry at Combat Commander, an infantry level WW2 game.

We have bought many and sold a lot of games...

Memoir 44 continued in value to the point where I had stopped playing it and it was worth a lot. Selling it on ebay was hard but raised a lot of money. £183for the Air pack alone!

I will list games we have gained in a newpost. We have also gained a dog...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Once you stop it's hard to get going again!

This was a good blog but when you get lazy you end up missing a few posts then it runs away and then it gets hard to get back into.

So I've missed a lot. Games, christmas, birthdays, gaming events, new games....

Here is a quick run down -

New games: Star Wars Miniatures, with an extra XWing, YWing, TIE Advanced and TIE Fighter! That's 7 ships in total! 7 Wonders Cities.

New events: We've been going to a couples night at Brians place several times; with Dale and his wife Jo along with Jenny, Brians partner. It has been brilliant fun the times we have done it; most of the time playing 7  Wonders - although one night we played Texas Hold Em poker. Except Brian is an absolute Poker card shark and poker psychologist! He read us all like a book and after we won a few games each, losing and making chips, he suddenly kicked into gear and took us all to the cleaners! :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

First family play of Elder Sign!

I've had this game a while now, but never managed to understand the rules, let alone play a game! So today Anita said to play a game we've not played before and I got out the few games we have that we've never played or played as a family. Elder Sign is based around the Call of Cthulhu universe and is a card and dice game. After dashing through the rules (as Anita hates rules reading on the fly!!), we set the game up and the family were introduced to their first Fantasy Flight multiple chit game!

The idea is that the game is set in a Museum where one of the ancient Old Ones is about to break out of its slumber and attack the world. All that stands in its way is a team of intrepid investigators in suitable 1930s get up. The "board" is 6 cards laid out 3 x 2 with an Entrance card at the top. The old one has a set number of Elder Signs required to defeat it. Each card is an Adventure split into "mini adventures" that have to be solved to win the card. The card if won gives prizes, if lost the characters are hurt mentally or physically.

To complete a mini adventure, players have to roll dice. Firstly you roll 6 and try to match the symbols required in the Adventure. Matching symbols means you have to put that dice aside. If you fail to match all symbols you have to put one dice aside and roll again. Cards allow you to add a yellow and/or red dice which give you a better chance of getting the symbols you need.

If you win a card, you can win new cards to allow more yellow and red dice and hopefully Elder Signs! There are several others rules but that's about the main core of the game.

The family loved it!! The look on their faces as we rolled dice was ultimate tension! We have to get it!! We all enjoyed the game and can't wait to play again.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Oh dear where has time gone

This blog is still alive! So am I! And I am still gaming and buying games. I just changed job in August and I've been playing catch up. I plan to consolidate over the winter - I've downloaded loads of photos and they are ready to upload; I just need to upload and blog!! Speak soon....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Huzza! God save the King! Or was it Queen at that time?

Another great game that uses wooden blocks to represent units. Cavalry charges, artillery, muskets, leaders, tallyho!! What's more to like??

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Birthday geeky stuff - a copy of Flash Point : Fire Rescue!

Yay! 38 today! Celebrated with family and one of the presents was a copy of Fire Rescue! Maya loves it - although twice now we have failed to rescue everyone - first was when I had the dog at the front door only to be caught in an explosion and secondly the house collapsed after multiple explosions! Great game!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Good 3 player game of Smallworld and Flash Point: Fire Rescue at Brians

In an effort to catch up, I have several posts ready to go, but they will be light on content just to get them up with the pictures. On this night I played Smallworld and Flashpoint with Brian and Nigel Heather at Brians place. It was great - we enjoyed the three player Smallworld as Brian and Nigel were both newbies. Flashpoint is an excellent new fire rescue game where players battle fire and smoke to rescue people cooperatively from a burning building. Great games!!